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"Why you should partner with ONECLICK?"

ONECLICK is an ERP product designed to help educational organisations go digital with new age smart solutions through Mobile App and Cloud based platform. There are millions of schools around the world who are looking for getting digital through advance cloud based solutions. There are 1000s of companies who call themselves as best School ERP or School management Software solution provider however finding a dynamic, reliable and professional after sales service provider is quite difficult. We are proud to say that, we provide best in class product with affordable pricing and excellent after sales services through dedicated team of professionals who are passionate to serve our customers and partners. We recommend you to connect us for a quick free demo and check about our product quality and unique support services.

"What's the partnership program?"

We strongly believe that we can go fast, if we're going alone. However to go far, we need to go together. There are schools, colleges and private institutes everywhere around the world. We as a small team of 60 professionals can't reach everywhere. In order to serve educational organisations around the world, we have designed a special partnership program for individuals, companies or small teams to work closely with our team and grow together. Basically partners help us reach potential customers and present the product to grow the business. We have three partnership options:

  1. Referral partner

  2. Strategic Partner

  3. White-label partner

Referral partner

This partnership option is for those who are having connections in education domain, however don't have enough time to go and promote the product. Referral partner can leverage their connections and find potential leads to promote ONECLICK School Management Software. All the leads shared by referral partner will be approached by our dedicated sales team to close the business deal. Once there is a business deal done, referral partner will get their revenue share on the same.

Strategic partner

This partnership is for those who are considering ONECLICK School Management Software as a primary business opportunity to grow in this domain. Strategic partner will get detailed product training and business knowledge to successfully build and grow good customer base in this domain. Role of a strategic partner will be of pitching the product to potential customers and close deal with them. Revenue sharing for strategic partner will be with flat % sharing and it will be recurring year on year till the partnership continues. Strategic partners can target reasonable number of customer signup in a year to build a very strong recurring profitable business. ONECLICK assign dedicated sales professional to support strategic partner strongly grow the business.

During the initial phase of the business, ONECLICK sales professional help Strategic partner to do remote demo with clients, help in pricing negotiation or client queries to close business deals. After few deals, strategic partner become expert in selling our product and grow the business. Strategic partner can leverage our branding and digital presence to grow customer base.

Many of our strategic partners employ a team of sales professionals to strategically grow business in their region.

White-label partner

This partnership option is for those companies who want to promote their own brand in this segment. In this partnership, a partner need to do considerable investment, as we have to launch and maintain separate re-branded platform. We don't recommend to go in this option unless you've aggressive plan for investment to build a dedicated marketing team to build your own brand and back-end customer support team to run after sales operations. Building a totally new brand takes a lot of efforts and resources. In this partnership option we charge our rates to the partner and they can define their own pricing for end customers.

Beauty of partnering with ONECLICK is you're promoting new age technology product which is going to be used by the clients for many years and hence create a strong recurring business. This business don't require heavy overheads or infrastructure setup. If you've passion to build a strong business in School Management Software & advance Education ERP domain then ONECLICK can definitely be a rewarding and long-term partnership opportunity.

Feel free to connect us on: +92 3165147455 or CLICKPAK20@GMAIL.COM

"Let's join hands together and build a world class community which offers ALL UNDER ONE ROOF WITH ERP, APP AND HARDWARE INTEGRATION, that too in a reasonable price range !"

Benefits of partnerships

  • Support in Pre sales and Post Sales

  • Award winning Support Team

  • You sell and we launch, train and support them

  • SEO friendly ready website

  • Brand campaign

  • Online Lead support